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Child Support

What to do if you have child support debt

Most parents in Maryland who owe back child support haven’t gotten behind on payments by choice. While there are parents that willingly refuse to pay child support, most of the time, non-paying parents are just broke. According to a report by the Office of Child...

Military divorce and support

Servicemembers who end their marriage must deal with federal and Maryland laws. Additionally, each service branch has their own rules governing spousal and child support in a military divorce. Generally, these regulations require service members to give adequate...

Maryland family law and child support enforcement options

When a Maryland couple parts ways, there are many legal issues to navigate. Since family law can be complex and acrimonious, it is important to understand what legal steps are available if one parent does not adhere to the terms of the divorce. A common source for...

Understanding child support cases

Parents in Maryland may sometimes find themselves confused about the topic of child support payments. This is often because there are multiple ways the payment arrangements could be set up. While having different types of child support cases can be confusing, they are...

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