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Resolving Domestic Violence Concerns

Few things tear a family apart as quickly as violence or abuse. For this reason, the Maryland courts can issue protective orders that take effect quickly and are intended to protect innocent victims. These protective orders, however, can be used as either a sword or a shield. For example, some people are wrongly accused by vengeful spouses who simply want to gain an advantage in divorce or custody proceedings.

I am family law attorney Greg Abney, and I represent men and women in Montgomery County and beyond. Whether you are in danger of abuse or you have been falsely accused, let me work with you one on one to resolve your fears and protect your rights.

Helping You Obtain A Protective Order

Once you file for a protective order in either the district court or circuit court, the final hearing is normally held within seven days. Typically, the order lasts for one year. During that time, the aggressor may be ordered to not call you, visit you or otherwise contact you or to take other actions or nonactions ordered.

Helping You Defend Your Rights If You Are Accused

If you have been served with a protective order, it is critical to get an attorney on your side right away. If you don’t effectively fight the claims against you at the hearing, you could end up losing your right to see your children for many months — which in turn can reflect poorly on you when the family law judge determines the custody arrangement.

A protective order against you can also threaten government security clearances and have countless other negative effects on your life. Consult me today for the legal assistance you need.

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