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Non-working spouses have options during and after divorce

One of the biggest considerations one has before, during and after a divorce is finances. For spouses where both work, finances may be a bit easier. But, for spouses who do not work, they may not think they have options, especially when the other spouse, the...

Dealing with alimony as an important issue in your divorce case

When couples in Maryland get divorced, there will be a wide variety of issues to address in the legal case. These issues can include property division, child support and child custody, among others, but perhaps no other issue can foster more resentment between the...

Does alimony still serve a purpose?

If you are the so-called "moneyed spouse" who is about to pay a great deal of money each month in alimony to your ex-spouse, you may be of the opinion that alimony is an antiquated concept that should be relegated to the history books. While, in some contexts, you may...

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