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Resolving Your Child Support And Parenting Time Concerns

Under Maryland law, minimum monthly child support payments are based on a calculation that takes into account the parents’ income, amount of scheduled parenting time and other child support obligations that may be part of the noncustodial parent’s expenses. Parents may, of course, decide to increase the amount of child support in a voluntary arrangement, to meet special education, health care or social activity expenses.

I am family law lawyer Greg Abney. If child support and parenting time will be an important factor in your pending divorce or if you are involved in a custody, child support or parenting dispute stemming from your existing divorce or paternity judgment, call Abney at Law, P.C.

From offices in Rockville, I represent clients in communities throughout Montgomery County and elsewhere in south-central Maryland. Call my office at 301-850-4972 to arrange a in-office consultation with me.

I am ready to help you with:

  • Legal separation, child support and visitation agreements
  • Child support enforcement and collections
  • Contempt of court defense
  • Parenting schedule modifications
  • Child support or visitation modifications
  • Custodial parent relocation petitions
  • Special arrangements during military deployment
  • Child support matters related to paternity actions

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