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Personal Service And Skilled Advocacy For Relocations

After a marriage breaks down, a parent may seek to relocate to another city across Maryland or possibly to a new state. Whether the move-away is planned while the divorce remains pending, or at some time years after a divorce was finalized, relocating parents need the guidance of a skilled and experienced family law attorney. Even when a parent has been awarded sole custody of a child, the decision to move may require legal action. Many custodial parents are surprised to learn that they have to notify the noncustodial parent and the family law court of their intent to move at least 90 days before the relocation.

Custody And Relocation Disputes Hit Home

When a custodial parent seeks to move, the conflict with the noncustodial parent is often highly personal. My practice is founded on integrity and one-on-one personal service. I build relationships with clients to help ensure that the goals and interests of each client are served with dignity. I strive to resolve parenting disputes effectively and efficiently.

There may be many reasons for a parent to choose to relocate with a child. Maryland courts focus on the well-being and best interests of the child in evaluating child custody and visitation issues. I have the skill, knowledge and experience necessary to build a strong case to serve the best interests of your child in a range of move-away situations, including:

  • Relocations due to job opportunities
  • Military relocations
  • Relocations for better housing opportunities
  • A parent’s decision to relocate to be closer to friends or family
  • Relocations for better educational opportunities

Talk With An Experienced Lawyer In A In-Person Consultation

To learn more about how I can help you with your relocation dispute, I invite you to schedule a in-person consultation. Simply call Abney at Law, P.C., at 301-850-4972 or by contacting my Rockville office by email. I’m ready to listen.