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Client Testimonials

Mr. Abney was nothing but professional and courteous to me before and after I used his services. His knowledge and attitude on legal matters made it a pleasure to work with him. I felt my case was in very capable hands and gave me peace of mind throughout the entire process. I did not once have to worry about missing paperwork, deadlines or requirements because Greg stayed on top of everything from the beginning.

Mr. Abney is highly recommended. He was actually the opposing attorney in my colleague’s divorce. He did an excellent job on keeping me updated with my case. I never had to call, not even once to get an update. Whereas most attorneys’ clients usually have to call and follow up, this was not the case with this attorney. I felt as if I was the only client although he had plenty of other cases.

I recently needed legal representation for the custody of my daughter. After years of putting off getting a lawyer and thinking that I could never afford one, I was blessed to have found Abney Law. I was a little nervous at first as to what to expect, due to the fact that most of my friends who sought counsel for similar issues didn’t receive any resolution. From the very first appointment with Abney Law, my wife and I knew we were in the right place. As we discussed the case, Mr. Abney was confident and yet humble to take on my case. He was fair and complete with all the details and actions for handling the actual hearing. His attention to detail and his methodical approach were instrumental to the success of my case. I’m very blessed to have had Mr. Abney as my legal counsel and will recommend him to any of my family or friends that need assistance. Thank you so much for helping my family.

Greg Abney was referred to me by a friend who went through similar circumstance. Mr. Abney was honest with his dealing with me, his advice timely, and he knows what he’s doing! When another friend asked me if I knew an attorney who could help her on another case, I did not hesitate to refer her to him. I knew he could be trusted to help.

Found Mr. Abney to be very professional and effective in handling my case. I searched the internet that day for two hours and I must say that I am satisfied with his firm and the reasonable services that he provided for me, especially that he is located near the courthouses and the Metro system. Thanks again, Mr. Abney!

We are deeply grateful for all that you did for us during this long and difficult journey. I just want you to know we will always remember your kindness and dedication to my son’s case. The truth prevailed. I prayed and prayed about this and I am so thankful for your expertise and the fact that we had a just and righteous judge. My son and wife are so happy and my lovely granddaughter will remain in a loving, nurturing and stable home. I am so thankful to God and I cried with tears of joy.

Greg Abney was meticulous about details. He was very knowledgeable in the area of family Law, specifically concerning child custody and visitation as well as child support. Through his efforts, I was able to resolve my issues concerning child support and custody without lengthy hearings, which kept legal costs to a minimum. I highly recommend using Greg by anyone needing a good and honest lawyer! I would surely use him again if needed in the future.

Impressive. Although my situation is embarrassing to me on many levels, Mr. Abney did not flinch when he read the documents and seemed to really care about doing something to help me.

Mr. Abney is an excellent lawyer. He went way beyond what I was expecting him to do. He was very personable and treated me like a friend (not a case). If you should ever have a need for a lawyer in his line of expertise, I would highly recommend Mr. Abney.

I am very pleased with the manner that he worked with me on my case. His approach is very reassuring and I always felt informed about what was happening. He was very good with responding to concerns and responded in a timely way to any and all communication. I highly recommend him. If you really want someone who puts you at ease and keeps you informed, then he is a great professional for that reason. I would use him for anything else I needed legally that is within his specialty.

He is the most wonderful lawyer I ever met. He was there for me and he understood my needs. He is very professional, charismatic, friendly, and he cares. My experience with him was a blessing from God. If you have a legal problem, please talk to Greg before you call another lawyer; he is the best.

Greg is a very approachable man. He clearly and concisely explained all of my options and possible outcomes for my case. Greg is very knowledgeable and was more than capable of taking care of my case. With his help, I achieved the results he initially foresaw three months in advance. He quelled all my speculations and is a good lawyer who I would take back up at a moment’s notice. I would recommend to friends as well without any hesitation.

Mr. Abney is a very knowledgeable and well-spoken attorney, easy to understand and listens carefully and is willing to work with you if he can at all costs. My case was finished and it was the best I could have hoped for considering my circumstances. Clear, precise and to the point unless you want to talk football with this fine, upstanding gentleman. A guaranteed attorney to give you his absolute best and work with you at all costs (financially, too, which is rare indeed in the world of attorneys) to see it through to the end. Pick him if you want your true money’s worth and then some.

Mr. Abney was excellent in all phases of our legal relationship. He was most understanding of my plight and came up with a perfect strategy to make sure my daughter was financially secure, but on the other hand, her mother was not able to take unfair advantage of me. He resolved my financial problem with the child enforcement agency, a situation in which they were taking money from me inappropriately. He made me feel secure and comfortable that this would be resolved in a fair and equitable manner. I would definitely retain Mr. Abney again, and if any of my friends in that area need a lawyer would not hesitate to recommend him. Make sure you keep him as an attorney to be recommended through your service, because he definitely makes you look very good.

Mr. Abney shows concern for his clients — he made sure that I understood everything and was prepared for our consultation with the little information I had given him. He was prompt in replying to my inquiry and I have already referred someone else to him. All around, I can say that working with Mr. Abney has been a pleasure and if I need an attorney again, I will be calling Mr. Abney.

It was good to know that Greg was there watching my back and acting on principle and clarity.

*The testimonials above were partially edited for grammar, to make them more readable. However, some of the grammatical errors were left in to preserve the original construction of the testimonial.