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Representing Men And Women In Paternity Actions

Unmarried parents often need to turn to the courts to create legal parenting rights and obligations related to their children. Unmarried mothers often need an order to legally identify the father of a child to obtain child support payments. Unmarried fathers often seek an order establishing paternity to gain child custody and visitation rights with their children.

Establishing Parents’ Rights And Obligations In Paternity

At Abney at Law, P.C., in Rockville, I represent mothers and fathers who are seeking to establish paternity, as well as fathers who are challenging paternity petitions. My goal is to efficiently resolve any parentage issues, as well as thoroughly and strategically resolve child support, child custody and visitation disputes in paternity matters in Montgomery County and surrounding areas of south-central Maryland.

Based in Rockville, I represent clients in communities throughout Montgomery County and elsewhere in south-central Maryland. Call my office at 301-850-4972 to arrange a in-office consultation with me.

In many cases, paternity can be established efficiently and voluntarily. When disputes arise, DNA testing is an effective and reliable scientific method to prove fatherhood. In addition to establishing legal fatherhood, I can help you negotiate or litigate issues such as:

I offer one-on-one representation at affordable rates. I strive to build strong relationships with my clients to help ensure that the best interests of each client are served with dignity.

Turn To An Experienced Lawyer In Rockville For A Consultation

When parental rights are at stake, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. I have served men and women in south-central Maryland with integrity for more than a decade.

Call me at 301-850-4972 or contact me online to arrange a consultation in my office. My firm is near the Rockville Metro station, just steps from the Circuit Courthouse. My office hours for consultations are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

I do everything I can to keep my office overhead low, so I can pass lower attorneys’ fees onto my clients. I accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for your convenience.