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Experienced Guidance For Your Uncontested Divorce

While the media and popular culture may often emphasize how contentious and stressful divorce can be for couples, many couples are able to resolve their issues amicably. It is not always necessary to go through a lengthy fight to have a judge determine issues such as child custody, support, property division and others to legally end a marriage.

It may be tempting to fill out some online forms or get ideas from your friends and family for resolving the issues in divorce. Individuals who are not familiar with family law may overlook aspects of the divorce process and have regrets after the divorce is finalized. Some individuals sign a divorce agreement in an uncontested divorce without having the information they need to make an informed decision. Even when couples generally agree or can resolve their disputes through reasonable discussions, it is important to work with a lawyer to ensure that your rights are safeguarded.

Cost-Effective Uncontested Divorce Assistance

At Abney at Law, P.C., in Rockville, I offer experienced guidance and assistance for individuals seeking divorce without the usual litigation. My cost-effective family law services include a flat-fee rate to complete most uncontested divorces.

If you have been provided with papers to sign in an uncontested divorce or wish to draft a petition, I can guide you through the process. Avoiding mistakes is critical in an uncontested divorce. I provide experienced guidance at a low cost to help ensure that your divorce petition and settlement are properly prepared. I can help you resolve disputes in a way that complies with Maryland law.

Arrange Your Consultation With An Experienced Divorce Attorney In Rockville

To learn more about my cost-effective uncontested divorce service, I invite you to call me at 301-850-4972 or use the convenient email form to arrange a consultation in my office. My firm is near the Rockville Metro station, just steps from the Circuit Courthouse. My office hours for consultations are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.