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4 Common Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

I am attorney Greg Abney, and over the years I have guided numerous people through divorce and related family law matters in Montgomery County and across Maryland. Let me provide the personal legal help you need, too.

Following are a few divorce-related mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1: Signing Agreements Without Consulting A Lawyer

Unless you are an attorney yourself, it’s nearly impossible for you to know all the legal implications of written agreements. Word choices — and sometimes even punctuation — can sometimes spell the difference between an agreement that benefits you and one that significantly harms you.

I have seen some people sign agreements that the court would never have issued due to their unfair nature — and yet the agreements ended up being enforceable. Don’t make this mistake. Consult me before signing anything.

Mistake #2: Missing Important Deadlines

Without a lawyer on your side, you are unlikely to know all the court rules, procedures and deadlines. As the name “deadline” implies, missing it leaves your case “dead” in the water. Let me keep on top of the strict schedules and ensure that your case moves forward.

Mistake #3: Trusting Your Spouse With All The Financial Records

Sadly, when it comes to divorce, the person you married is no longer on your side. You can’t rely on him or her to provide you with an accurate picture of your marital finances and assets. It’s a mistake to leave all the records and information in his or her hands; you should make copies for yourself.

It’s also wise to conduct an independent investigation into the financial situation, especially if your spouse is self-employed. It’s too easy for self-employed individuals to hide income.

Mistake #4: Posting Too Much On Social Media

It may be tempting to complain about your spouse or other parties on Facebook or in other online venues. Don’t. In fact, it’s best if you avoid posting or sharing anything that could be used against you. A simple statement about the new job you acquired could potentially lead to increased alimony payments, or a photo of you at a party where alcohol was served could lead a judge to question how responsible you are as a parent.

The List Doesn’t Stop At Four, So Talk With Me About Your Situation

Obviously, there are hundreds of divorce-related mistakes to avoid, not merely four. To learn how to best protect your rights and interests in your particular situation, sit down and talk with me today. You can arrange a one-on-one consultation with me by calling Abney at Law, P.C., at 301-850-4972 or by contacting my Rockville office by email.