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Child Custody

Modifying a custody agreement

Parents in Maryland only want the best for their children. However, there are times when you might need to request modifications to your original custody agreement. One parent has moved If one parent has moved out of state or even to a city that’s very far away, the...

What if I need to move with my child?

Not surprisingly, parents in the Rockville area may have to move to another part of the state or even outside of Maryland. After all, a better job opportunity may come up that promises a better life for a person’s family. In other cases, the move may be necessary to...

Preparing children for an upcoming divorce

Marriages end and couples split up in Maryland for any number of reasons. Some former spouses wish to cut their ex out of their life for good, but that isn't a viable or reasonable option for those who share children from the marriage. No matter the dynamic between...

How to co-parent during a divorce

Maryland parents who choose to get a divorce will still need to find a way to raise their children together. Doing so can help the children understand that they are loved and cared for regardless of how their parents feel about each other. Furthermore, when parents...

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