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A Prepared And Skilled Military Divorce Lawyer

Members of the armed forces and their spouses face unique issues when their marriages break down. While many of the issues such as child custody and property division are determined under Maryland law, military service members and their spouses have additional challenges to overcome related to federal laws that impact military personnel in divorce, as well as concerns that relate to the military lifestyle.

As A Veteran, I Provide Dedicated Advocacy

I am family law attorney Greg Abney. Before I entered the practice of law, I served as a member of the U.S. Army. I understand the concerns military personnel and their spouses have when facing divorce. I have provided personal, one-on-one legal services at a reasonable cost to clients in Montgomery County and throughout south central Maryland for more than a decade.

I take the time to explain the legal issues and options to each and every client. With my background in the military, I know the complexities of making child custody and parenting time arrangements with the potential for deployment. I assist military personnel who are being deployed in preparing the family care plan to file with the military. Military members may also delegate their parenting time to a relative, such as the child’s grandparent, during times of deployment.

I have a strong command of the issues that military personnel face, the laws that apply in a military divorce, as well as the unique considerations that must be taken into account when resolving child custody disputes, asset division matters, including pension and military benefits during the military divorce process.

Arrange A Consultation With An Experienced Military Divorce Attorney

You can arrange a personal and confidential consultation with me by calling Abney at Law, P.C., in Rockville at 301-850-4972. You can also reach me by email. I’m a lawyer who is always on your side.