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Do You Need To Change Support Or Custody Orders?

Life isn’t static. It constantly changes. If your or your child’s life has significantly changed and the old court orders no longer work, you may need to request a modification. Post-divorce modification disputes can be amicable or hotly contested. In either situation, it is important to work with a lawyer who is willing to do the hard work to safeguard your rights. Whether you are seeking the modification or want to challenge a proposed modification that your ex-spouse is seeking, you deserve to work with an attorney who is meticulous with the details and has a strong command of the law.

I am Montgomery County family law attorney Greg Abney, and I am here to guide you through every step of the process. I can also represent you if you disagree with a proposed modification. Let me personally sit down with you and discuss your unique situation. I guarantee that if you decide to hire me, I will personally handle every detail of your case from start to finish. Plus, my low overhead allows me to provide cost-effective representation.

Common Reasons To Change A Support Order

If either parent’s income significantly increases or decreases, you can request a child support modification. For instance, you may lose your job or the other parent may gain a higher-paying one.

You can also adjust support payments if your child’s necessary expenses increase or decrease. For instance, your child may start school, so you no longer need to help pay for day care.

Common Reasons To Change A Custody Or Parenting Time Order

Here are a few potential examples of a material change in circumstances that may warrant a change to custody or parenting time.

  • One parent is not abiding by the original court order
  • One parent chooses to move to a different city, state or country
  • The child’s school location changes
  • The child reaches an age when frequent visitation times are not necessary
  • One parent is accused of violence or abuse

Understanding The Two-Step Process

Modifying an existing court order is a two-step process in Maryland. First, you must convince the court that a “material change in circumstances” has occurred. Second, you must ask the court for the specific change you want to see.

If your divorce or custody case was recently finalized, it’s unlikely that you can request a modification. The odds are that nothing has significantly changed since the court issued the original orders. If a mistake occurred during the divorce or custody proceedings, however, you can explore the possibility of a family law appeal.

Talk With Me In A In-Person Consultation

To learn more about modifying support or custody orders, I invite you to schedule a in-person consultation with me. Simply call Abney at Law, P.C., at 301-850-4972 or contact my Rockville office by email. I’m ready to listen.