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Month: September 2020

Certified divorce financial analysts help make finances fair

Couples with significant assets and a high net worth may wind up fighting over finances. Financial disagreements can get so heated that they become a primary cause of divorce in Maryland and other locales. About 22% of all divorces arise from financial arguments and...

Why qualified domestic relations orders are important

When people decide to get divorced in Maryland, they will have to divide their marital assets and debts as a part of the divorce process. Money saved through retirement plans during the marriage will also need to be divided. However, the division of retirement savings...

Understanding asset division during divorce

After months or perhaps years of arguing, it may seem that the difficult part of divorcing is deciding to split and breaking the news to your family. However, many couples find that making the decision is just the beginning, and dividing up marital assets is one of...

Errors to avoid in a divorce

In Maryland, many spouses cause themselves a variety of self-inflicted wounds during the divorce process. This transforms a divorce that could have been resolved amicably into a legal battle that did not have to happen. Acting reasonably can keep things from reaching...

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