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Month: August 2017

How parental rights might be terminated

In Maryland, parental rights may be terminated either involuntarily or voluntarily. There are certain circumstances that might lead a court to order a termination. Parents may also terminate their own rights voluntarily, which normally happens in the case of adoption....

TSPs in divorce

Federal employees living in Maryland may have some special concerns during divorce proceedings. Many federal employees have what is known as a Thrift Savings Plan, which can be counted by the courts as a marital asset. If it is considered a marital asset, one's spouse...

Dealing with a parental kidnapping case

A Maryland parent can be accused of kidnapping a child if he or she absconds with a child when the other parent has custody. While these cases can be complex and difficult to deal with on many levels, parents who have had a child abducted can rely on law enforcement...

Business valuation in a divorce

When a Maryland couple gets a divorce, if one or both owns a business or if the two are co-owners, it may be necessary to get a valuation for the business. A skilled valuation analyst can do this. The couple also needs to decide whether they need a full valuation or a...

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