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How to respond to a spouse’s divorce request

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Divorce

Divorces can be tricky to navigate emotionally and legally. A divorce request from your spouse may understandably take you by surprise. Accordingly, you might not be prepared in terms of knowing the best course of action moving forward under Maryland divorce law. Here are the key points of action you should consider after receiving such a request.

Put the kids front and center

While divorces can be traumatic for all parties involved, they often hit kids, who are still developing psychologically, the hardest of all. If you and your spouse have kids, your first priority as a responsible parent should be attending to their needs.

First and foremost, shielding the children from conflicts with your spouse is essential for their well-being. To the best of your ability, present a unified front with your spouse when discussing the divorce with the kids. Obviously, depending on the circumstances, this is easier said than done, so you may benefit from counseling.

Seek counseling and other support services

Often, divorcing parties are not psychologically prepared to deal with a contentious court process. Seeking emotional support from friends, family members and close contacts can help. To fully process the emotional heft that accompanies divorce, you might also want to seek professional counseling, both for yourself and for your children.

Prepare for the legal process

As painful as it might be to undergo a divorce, you don’t want to overlook any step in the legal process. Being prepared can ensure that you get a fair shake when it comes to dividing marital assets, getting custody rights to see the kids and settling other legal issues related to divorce.

By its nature, the process of divorce is typically fraught with emotional, legal and other challenges. Enlisting the help of a support network can help you overcome these challenges.

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