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Does a gray divorce affect the adult children?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Divorce

Spouses may find that their marriage comes apart after many years together. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about a “gray divorce,” but the dissolution still represents a life-changing outcome for the family involved. Even if both spouses heading to a Maryland divorce court are relieved to end their marriage, the couple’s children could suffer emotionally from the events.

Gray divorces could affect the children

Although the “children” affected by a gray divorce might be middle-aged, seeing parents separate could be heartbreaking. A 30- or 40-year-old adult likely grew accustomed to their family structure. Even if the parents did not always get along, the union might present stability and define a specific home life. Once the parents divorce, what once existed is no more. The children must then face a new and troubling situation.

The psychological effects on the children could be enormous. Depression and anxiety may result, and the impact could carry over into the children’s personal lives. Some might even feel guilt over the situation even though they had nothing to do with their parent’s troubles.

Even after the divorce finalizes, lingering effects may persist. The ex-spouses could have a hard time adjusting to a newly single life as expected. The older children might feel the same way and struggle to adjust.

Divorce could be unavoidable

Several reasons may point to why a gray divorce is unavoidable. Over time, both spouses could find they have little in common anymore, causing problems in the marriage.

Although the divorce could be unsettling for their grown children, the parents might find the process inevitable. When a marriage starts to unravel, remaining in the union could prove impossible. For some individuals, seeking a divorce might be the appropriate step to take.

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