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Tips for navigating through divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Blog, Divorce

Going through a divorce in Maryland can be challenging. With one wrong move, your former spouse might have ammunition against you that he or she can use in court. You can’t predict every possible scenario, but you can take certain steps to protect yourself as much as possible. Here are some tips for more smoothly navigating the divorce process.

How can you protect yourself during a divorce?

It might sound surprising, but don’t communicate with your attorney through emails or text messages. Many people don’t realize that your attorney could potentially bill you for the time taken to read your email. Additionally, you’ll end up having loose scraps of information all over the place. It’s better to give your attorney all the information at once when you meet in person.

If you unavoidably have to send your attorney an email, don’t use your work email. Your employer can legally read anything that you send. In fact, you might want to set up a completely separate email address that your former spouse doesn’t know about to limit the risk of him or her hacking into it.

Additionally, don’t pay attention to anything your former spouse says regarding the divorce. If he or she claims that an attorney said something outlandish, like that he or she is going to take all your possessions, your first thought might be to panic. Instead, stay calm, and ask your attorney about it during your next meeting. Neither you nor your spouse knows exactly how the divorce will play out, so don’t put too much stock in exaggerated statements.

What could an attorney do for you?

Your attorney could warn you against making errors like these and other common mistakes that could have a dramatic impact on your case. He or she could also hold your former spouse accountable if your ex tries any illegal activities like hacking into your email account.

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