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Is alimony a thing of the past? The debate is ongoing

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Alimony

With changes in the way that spousal support is handled through income taxes, the discussion surrounding spousal support and alimony has been changing. One of the major questions that people keep asking is if this support is even necessary moving forward.

If you are someone who relies on alimony, the thought of taking away that protection might be scary. However, most people agree that fair spousal support is still a necessity.

Spousal support should be fair to both parties

Spousal support is sometimes a necessity. For women or men who stay home to support their families or spouses, that support may help them support themselves as they look for work or get back on their feet following a divorce.

Of course, there are times when alimony really isn’t a necessity. For example, there shouldn’t be an automatic assumption that a man will cover his ex-wife’s needs, especially if she has a great job and earns more than him. In fact, it may be the opposite that is true in that case, and the woman may need to pay a portion of her income to her ex-husband who needs a little more to make ends meet.

Overall, no one should come out of a marriage losing on financial terms. The partner who is more secure financially should, in most cases, pay out on a sliding scale to their ex-spouse. In addition to that, it’s fair to limit alimony in most cases. If you’re interested in learning more about spousal support, your attorney can talk to you about what to expect and how support costs are determined in Maryland.

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