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Divorced parents in Maryland can enjoy a good school year

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Divorce

As children and parents get back into the rhythm of a new school year, there are routines to coordinate and plans to make. When a divorce means that children divide their time between two households, the scheme of things can get complicated. If possible, it may help everyone involved to work together on certain issues so that the school year can run more smoothly.

There are calendars and other apps available to help everyone stay on track with school and work schedules. If children are involved in various after-school activities, it’s recommended to fill this information in on a family calendar. The parent who has primary custody or whoever spends more time with the children can be responsible to maintain the calendar. Then, everyone can share the key points each week between parents, children and any other adults who may be involved in the family schedules and routines.

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