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Getting custody of a sibling

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Child Custody

There may be circumstances in Maryland in which someone needs to get custody of a sibling. This may be necessary because the parents are unfit or deceased. In the former situation, the fight may be emotionally difficult. Furthermore, it will be necessary to prove that the parents are putting the child in danger. Courts are generally reluctant to separate a child from the biological parents. A person will also have to demonstrate an ability to support the child and offer stability.

However, there are circumstances in which a custody battle may not be necessary. The parents may agree to give a person custody of a sibling. Therefore, the first step may be to talk to the parents or guardians about this. If it is not possible to have this conversation or the parents refuse, then the next step is to file for custody. This must be done where the child resides.

A person who is concerned about what may happen to a sibling in the event of the death of the parents may also want to discuss this situation with the parents. The person can be named the legal guardian of the sibling in the will. If this does not happen and the person is unable to get custody, it is possible to apply for visitation rights.

A person who is trying to get custody of a sibling may want to talk to an attorney about how best to approach the process and what kind of proof might be needed. A judge bases a decision in a custody case on the best interests of the child, so it will be important to demonstrate that it is in the child’s best interests to live with the sibling rather than the biological parents or someone else.

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