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When a change in child custody is necessary

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2017 | Child Custody

Maryland parents who are not living together might need to modify a child custody agreement. While a court is reluctant to allow a child custody modification without good reason, there are several cases in which it is in the child’s best interest to do so. For example, if the child is in danger, the court will act to protect the child. However, the court will still consider the situation first, and this will include weighing whether there has been domestic violence in the home, how willing the child is to remain in the home and how much immediate danger the child is in.

The relocation of a parent may necessitate a change in custody. Courts will consider the reason for the parent’s move and how it affects the visitation schedule as well as how a modification will affect the child’s life. If one parent refuses to follow the visitation schedule, this could also be a reason for a change.

If the custodial parent dies, the other parent is likely to get custody. However, there are situations in which this may not be the case. The parent might live too far away or have a job that interferes with appropriate parenting. There might also be a relative or family friend with whom the child would prefer to live.

In some cases, a parent might get limited or supervised visitation. For example, if there has been domestic violence or problems with drug or alcohol abuse, custody could be restricted in this way. Parents may be required to take certain steps in order to change the limited amount of visitation they are permitted to have such as taking anger management classes.

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