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How a calendar helps in a divorce case

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

In Maryland, both parents may be granted custody or visitation rights to their child. However, this is only true if a judge determines that this would be in the best interests of that minor. In making a ruling, the court will look at the strength of the bond between a parent and child. An old calendar may be powerful evidence to prove that you have been a strong presence in your son or daughter’s life.

A calendar will likely denote major events in your life

If you took a trip to an amusement park, there is a good chance that it will be noted on your calendar. The same may be true of trips that you took to state parks, to professional sporting events or other notable locations. Providing evidence of frequent activities with your child may make it easier to justify obtaining custody or visitation rights after a divorce is final.

Activities with your children can be expensive

It’s fairly common for parents to use a calendar to keep track of doctor’s appointments, visits to the dentist and other seemingly mundane activities. However, if you can show that you were the one responsible for taking your child to these appointments, it may strengthen your case for custody of your son or daughter. It may also bolster your case for regular child support payments in the eyes of a family law judge.

Generally speaking, the terms of a divorce settlement are based on the facts presented during settlement talks or at trial. A calendar may be a powerful tool in helping you establish that you’re present in your child’s life, which can be helpful in a custody hearing. It may also establish how much financial support you may be entitled to receive from your former partner.

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