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Should you set up an automatic withdrawal for child support?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Child Custody And Child Support

Child support is not about the parents, it’s about the children in their lives. Children in Maryland have a right to receive support from both parents, regardless of how their parents feel about one another.

When a parent is not good about paying child support on time or would like to make sure that they’re always paying by direct withdrawal, the support amount can be withheld from their paycheck. There is a limit on how much money can be taken. The Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, CCPA, is the basis for the limit.

The amount a parent can have taken from their paycheck is based on their disposable earnings. The CCPA limit is 50% of the disposable earnings that an employee has if they have a second family. If they don’t have another family, then up to 60% of those earnings may be taken out. The amount can increase to 55% or 65% if the person owes child support in arrears.

If an employer takes money out of an employee’s paycheck for the purpose of paying child support, the employer has to send that money to the appropriate party within seven days. If the employer fails to do so, then they can be held liable for damages up to the same amount that was not deducted or remitted within a timely fashion.

Whether you have to pay support or are receiving it, knowing that it will be on time is essential. Your attorney can talk to you more about what you should expect if you are setting up an automatic withdrawal for child support.

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