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Should you try to move away with your child?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Family Law

You have been offered a great new job, and you want to take it so that you can provide a better life for your child. Unfortunately, your ex-spouse doesn’t agree with you that moving your child is the right choice. They have argued that you need to stay or leave your child where they are with them.

If you decide to take the case to court, you need to be prepared for the questions the judge will ask. The judge will want to know that you’re making decisions that are in your child’s best interests. If the other parent is not involved in their life, then there is a great likelihood that the judge will grant your relocation request. However, if the other parent is an active part of your child’s life, the judge may not see the benefit of separating the child and their other parent through a long-distance relationship without strong support for doing so.

Some of the things that are factors when deciding if you should move with your child after a divorce include:

  • Whether the move is in the best interests of the child
  • If the move places the child closer to family members
  • If the move will provide more financial stability
  • If the move transfers the child to a better school district or school environment

If your intention is to move, then proving that the move is a positive change despite any stressors it can cause is your best bet to get the approval you need from a judge. Your attorney can help you support your request with good documentation and supportive arguments.

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