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Dealing with child support issues after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Child Support

When Maryland parents divorce over money issues, those matters might follow them after the separation. This is particularly true if there are support payments involved. Such was the case for one couple who split up over career goals and finances.

The father was ordered to pay child support to the mother. A few years later, he was struggling financially and trying to put together a bankruptcy payment plan that would allow him to keep his house. He went to his ex-wife and told her he would be late with the child support payments for a while. His ex-wife gave him a month in which to catch up on support, and when he did not, she turned to the legal system.

According to the father, this mark on his credit meant he was unable to put together the bankruptcy plan. He lost his house and had to move back in with his parents. Furthermore, the ex-husband was unable to get a loan when he needed to replace his car. He felt that his ex-wife should have taken a more team-oriented approach to co-parenting and that her action had been vindictive. The mother said she felt she had to do it to protect the children.

These kinds of child support disputes are not uncommon. Courts take a firm position on the responsibility of parents to support their children. However, they do recognize that in some cases, such as a job loss, a parent may not be able to keep up with support payments. In those cases, a parent can apply for a modification of support. Even if parents wish to handle the issue informally, going through the proper legal channels may keep everyone better protected.

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