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Mediation can help resolve child custody disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2018 | Child Custody

When people in Maryland make the decision to divorce, one of the most complex aspects of ending the marriage is often resolving child custody issues. While the parents’ romantic relationship is over, it is often very difficult for both the parents and the children to move from full-time presence with one another to shared time between homes. Each parent may have differing views on how exactly child custody time should be split. This can be accentuated during a contentious divorce, and it is possible for the relationship between parents and children to suffer as a result.

This is one reason why many couples find divorce mediation to be a promising framework when dealing specifically with child custody issues. Mediation involves both parents and their lawyers working together to develop a parenting plan that will set the framework for their co-parenting relationship after the divorce. The goal of both parents is to achieve the best outcome for their children and to come to shared understandings about how they can work together to achieve that vision.

Reducing the level of conflict during the divorce, particularly in relation to the children, can help to ease the kids’ emotional path through this time as well. Children often feel responsible for their parents’ split, especially when they are the subject of the debate. Rather than focusing on the reasons for the divorce or other issues like financial matters or asset division, this form of mediation is often encouraged by family courts specifically to set a positive post-divorce framework in place.

Whether the divorce is more amicable or contentious, each parent may work with a family law attorney to ensure that their interests are represented throughout the divorce process. An attorney may be able to provide strong representation to help protect a parent’s relationship with their children and address key issues like child custody, spousal support and asset division.

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