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Britney’s ex wants more money

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Child Support

Maryland residents interested in celebrity gossip and child custody issues may be interested in following the latest new from Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. The pair appear headed back to court over money after Spears experienced a career resurgence. The pop star and her former backup dancer have been divorced for years but have two children together.

The terms of their original settlement provided Federline with a one-time payment of $1.3 million and $20,000 per monthly in support. Federline, who has two additional children from a subsequent relationship, contends that his monthly payments are insufficient and recently put Spears and her financial advisors on notice of his intent to revisit the financial terms of the parenting agreement.

After the couple divorced, the singer was saddled with mental health issues that required her full attention, and left Federline with full custody of the children, and, her father in charge of her finances. She has attempted to get custody in recent years without success. According to media reports, the couple has settled into a comfortable co-parenting relationship focused on the best interests of their two sons. While Spears had experienced a career downturn at the time of the original agreement, she has since grossed $137 million during a four-year residency at a Las Vegas casino. Representatives for Spears recently met with Federline and his lawyer but were unable to reach an agreement. Federline has not detailed his reasons for needing more than $20,000 per month and the Spears camp appears to be drawing a hard line. If the parties end up in court, California law will apply.

Each jurisdiction has own formulas and standards for calculating child support and alimony, but each case is determined by its own set of facts. Consulting a qualified divorce and child custody lawyer may provide parents with guidance regarding the best strategies for their unique situation.

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