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How will your children react to your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Blog

Divorce means breaking up a family, and the decision affects everyone. Some children take it better than others, which means that you will need to devote more time to helping those who struggle with the transition.

Here are five signs that point to post-divorce difficulties you can help children overcome.

1. No interest in socializing

Your formerly outgoing child may become withdrawn and show little or no interest in getting together with friends or attending social functions. Divorce may make a child feel like an outcast, as if no other family in the world is going through the pain and sorrow of a family breakup. You can help turn that thinking around and assure children of their worth and how much they mean to family and friends.

2. Poor performance in school

Trying to understand how life is going to work from here on out can leave children feeling confused. They might become easily distracted and lose focus on academics. As a result, their schoolwork could suffer, and grades could drop.

3. Anger and frustration

If you thought you had a mild-mannered child before the divorce, you might be astonished at the change while he or she tries to get used to life after the breakup. There may be uncharacteristic irritability and spurts of anger directed toward you or the other parent, but this may fade after several weeks. You need to be understanding.

4. Health problems

Divorce causes stress, and this can lead to an increase in health issues. Your children may find it difficult to get to sleep at night. They may exhibit signs of depression. Be alert to the onset of illness or deteriorating health and get help right away.

5. Feelings of guilt

A family law attorney will tell you that children often carry feelings of guilt around; they wonder what they did to cause your divorce. Every post-divorce situation is unique and you cannot solve every problem by yourself. Remember that you can seek consultation with your attorney to help overcome obstacles that are keeping your children from moving forward confidently with a normal, healthy outlook.

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