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Millions to divide in Jolie-Pitt divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2016 | High Asset Divorce

By now, many Maryland residents have probably heard that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. News of the actors’ split was first reported by TMZ on Sept. 20, and Pitt quickly put out a statement saying that he was saddened, but the well-being of the couple’s six children was what mattered the most. Though Pitt and Jolie weren’t married until 2014, the actors have been together since 2004.

It is well known that both Jolie and Pitt have earned millions of dollars filming movies during the time that they have been married. According to an estimate, the pair probably earned a combined total of around $117.5 million during their marriage. How the millions will be divided is yet to be seen, but news outlets have speculated that it is likely the pair signed a prenuptial agreement.

Jolie has reportedly petitioned for sole custody of the six children, and it is unclear whether there will be a child custody dispute. When children live primarily with one parent, the other parent is usually ordered to pay child support. Another issue in the Jolie-Pitt divorce is real estate. Pitt and Jolie own homes in France and New Orleans that they purchased together prior to the date of marriage.

A high asset divorce involving two spouses who both own significant assets can be very complicated when there is no prenuptial agreement. Even if there is one, the interpretation of the agreement could cause conflict. An individual who is going through such a divorce may want to have representation from an attorney who has significant experience with these types of matters.

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