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Chris Brown wins child custody battle with Nia Guzman

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2016 | Child Custody

Maryland fans of R&B singer Chris Brown are likely familiar with the custody battle that the singer has had with Nia Guzman, the mother of his 3-year-old daughter. On Aug. 12, a judge ruled against Guzman and in favor of Brown on every request made by Guzman.

Brown is known by the public for being a good father to his daughter. Guzman filed motions with the court requesting that he only be allowed supervised visitation with their daughter, that his mother not be allowed to see the child, that she be given sole custody and that Brown should be ordered to undergo drug testing. The judge denied every one of her motions.

Along with the motions, she had also petitioned the court to raise the child support Brown pays to her from $2,500 a month up to $16,000 a month. Following the court’s ruling, Guzman withdrew the motion to increase her child support. Fans of Brown have called Guzman a gold digger because of the requested child support increase. Brown reportedly pays for nannies, health care and education for his daughter in addition to the monthly child support amount. He will continue having his daughter for 12 days of visitation every month, and the visits will not be supervised.

In child custody cases, courts make orders according to what the judges believe are in the best interests of the child. A parent who makes serious allegations against the other parent in court will need to have evidence to back up the claim. Simply making unsupported accusations against another parent is generally not a good idea, and as this case shows, doing so may backfire. People involved in child custody disputes thus may want to get advice from a family law attorney in terms of what to seek.

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