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Civil Law

Civil Law generally refers to legal actions brought by one private party against another private party. A party may be an individual person, or a corporation. This is distinguishable from criminal law where the state is bringing the action on behalf of the people.

  • Breach of Contract

One of the more often litigated areas of civil law is contract disputes. Be it large multinational corporations battling over billion dollar rights or an individual homeowner suing his or her roofer for breach of a contract. Regardless, if you’ve paid money for goods or services, and those goods or services have not been delivered in accordance with your contract, you may have a cause of action against the party not holding up their end of the bargain. At Abney at Law, we have had great success in helping our clients recover monetary damages for the losses they have suffered.

  • False Imprisonment/False Arrests

False imprisonment occurs when one is held and confined against their will without proper authority or justification. However, these terms are legally technical and the facts and circumstances are often determinative of whether a one has a viable cause of action. For this reason, it is very important to discuss your matter with an attorney who understands the distinctions and intricacies of this area of law. Abney at Law has experience in these matters and would like to speak with you if you think you have been falsely imprisoned or held under false arrest.

  • Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of privacy causes of action come in several forms. There is the often heard about recording without permission, intrusion upon seclusion, false light, and others. These civil wrongs occur when one person intrudes into the private affairs of another.

  • Defamation

Defamation comes in two forms. First, slander is when another verbally utters harmful words that tend to injure one’s reputation to a relevant community. For example, if John told your boss Mary that you were a thief, he harmed your reputation to someone that matters. However, truth is a defense to all forms of defamation. Libel is basically the same, but it has to do with the written word.

Since defamation law has to do with speech (written or spoken), it must also be reconciled with the first amendment constitutional protects we all enjoy. Therefore, you will need an experienced lawyer to guide your through the twists and turns that these cases often get bogged down in. Additionally, some speech and some speakers are given privilege or immunity, due to the public policy that we hope to promote through the protection given (a lawmaker speaking on the floor of the house). Abney at Law, P.C. knows the ins-and-outs of defamation law. Please contact us if you think someone has wrongfully harmed your good reputation and we will schedule a consultation to discuss the merits of your case.

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