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How to plan for retirement after divorce

Gray divorce refers to divorce among people 50 years old and older. According to studies, gray divorce rates are on the rise. With that in mind, there are some tips that Maryland divorcees can keep in mind for retirement planning after a divorce. Evaluate your new...

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Military retired pay

The federal government established rules to ensure that former spouses of military services members receive certain military benefits and pay upon divorce. The rules within the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) grant a Maryland court the ability...

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How to heal after a divorce

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a Maryland divorce, it’s possible for one spouse to be more shocked than the other. The spouse who didn’t it coming often struggles with mental and emotional turmoil in the weeks and months following the divorce. The good...

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How to afford your divorce

In Maryland, you can get divorced for almost any reason you can think of. However, ending your marriage can be expensive, and a lack of funds may act as a barrier to getting out of a relationship that is toxic, dangerous or simply unfulfilling. Fortunately, there are...

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