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Issues that arise in divorce for older couples

What is sometimes called "gray divorce" is on the rise, and it means that more older couples in Maryland may be divorcing than in previous generations. For those who have not been active participants in managing the household finances, this could mean having to deal with such matters for the first time in their lives.

Housework arguments can be a warning sign for a marriage

It may be no surprise that couples in Maryland who eventually decide to divorce are more likely to argue about a range of issues before the end of the marriage. However, one study indicates that arguments over relatively mundane issues like housework and the distribution of chores can be a significant factor in a split, not only fights over issues that more immediately indicate a serious clash of values, such as finances and parenting.

Financial planning is essential during a divorce

The best time to prepare for divorce is well ahead of the actual court filing. Therefore, unhappy Maryland spouses interested in protecting their finances should take steps to minimize the harmful effects of marital dissolution. Every situation is different, but there are some basic precautions that can help make the financial transition to post-divorce life a bit easier.

Divorce and splitting retirement funds

Maryland residents who go through a divorce and have to divide their retirement funds can avoid having to pay high taxes and penalties by not making certain mistakes. They should be aware that the different kinds of retirement accounts are governed by their own set of rules, particularly with regard to the division of the funds.

Pre-planning for divorce can be a smart move

Maryland couples may consider it cynical to plan for the end of a marriage before it starts, but doing so could save a great deal of acrimony and legal fees if the relationship fails to last forever. Even for marriages that do last, pre-marital planning for financial futures is prudent. A few simple steps on the front end can eliminate future financial hurdles.

How to handle finances during and after divorce

Divorcing Maryland couples have a number of financial matters to which they need to attend. For example, if person one is covered by his or her spouse's health insurance plan, that individual should look for other coverage. It might be possible to get COBRA benefits while waiting for another plan to take effect.

Choices about where to live after divorce

Maryland couples who are getting a divorce and who own a home must make a choice as to whether they will sell or keep it. Keeping the home may allow a person to retain a sense of stability, but it can also be expensive. People who make this choice should be sure they can afford not only the mortgage but the cost of maintenance, taxes and insurance. They must also be able to qualify for a mortgage. A couple can continue owning the home jointly, but this leaves a person with financial ties to an ex-spouse.

How contempt in a marriage may lead to divorce

Maryland couples who display contempt toward one another might be more likely to get a divorce according to the research of marriage counselor John Gottman. According to Gottman, it is the most dangerous of four behavior patterns he has identified as threatening the longevity of a marriage. The others are stonewalling, defensiveness and criticism.

Financial recovery after divorce

Many recently divorced people living in Maryland struggle financially afterwards. This is due to a number of factors, including loss of assets and the need to set up a new household. While it is possible to recover, many individuals find that they have to take aggressive action to do so.

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