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Do you know what to expect in family court?

If you are going to court over child custody proceedings, then you need to know what to expect. Your children rely on you understanding this process and being present in a timely manner. You want to represent yourself as professionally, and respectfully, as possible.

Decide on a custody schedule to move forward with divorce

Divorce is hard enough, but when you have children involved, the complexity increases significantly. You want to guarantee that your child has the best possible future. That means that you and your spouse have to work together to raise them despite your disagreements and history.

Should you give your kids options during a divorce?

During a divorce, your children come first. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they get to make the rules. Some parents feel as if it's their children's choice to decide where they live or what visitation schedule they have, but the reality is that you, as a parent, have the control.

How does a judge decide on child support obligations?

Calculating child support is an important part of any divorce involving children. In some cases, parents with joint custody may decide that it's unnecessary, but the obligation to pay support usually falls on the shoulders of those who have less time with the children.

What are Maryland's child support payments based on?

Paying child support is an important obligation. Making those payments on time helps the custodial parent guarantee that your child has the best care, the best home and the things they need to grow up successfully in their home.

Show your kids that you care on child visitation days

After you've won the battle to prove paternity and gained the visitation rights you so desperately desire, what's next? It's time to enjoy your visitation days with your kids to the max! To help you connect with your kids on visitation days, you might want to try these ideas on for size:

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