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Divorce at an older age can be challenging

When you got married 25, 30 or more years ago, you no doubt were expecting your relationship to last a lifetime. Through the years, like many Maryland couples, you and your spouse may have expanded your family size, purchased your own home or, perhaps, even started a...

Losing your job could affect your divorce

The divorce process has many parameters that each spouse must consider. The division of assets and property, how to handle child custody, and the possibility of spousal or child support are just some of the issues. It is not something that most people take lightly....

Are married men earning more?

When people think of an ex-spouse paying alimony, it is sometimes easy to assume the man is the one paying the price. Stereotypical thoughts aside, this outdated perception is not so outdated, after all. According to a St. Louis Federal Reserve report, married men are...

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