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Is a collaborative divorce the right choice for you?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Blog, Divorce

If you and your partner or spouse are going through a divorce in Maryland, you have several ways to accomplish this task. One way for two parties to end a marriage is through a collaborative divorce.

What’s a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is when two parties agree to settle any disputes voluntarily and without any litigation. The main goal of a collaborative divorce is for both parties to create acceptable resolutions without having the court make any decisions.

With this type of divorce, all parties involved depend on interest-based negotiations and a team of professionals to work through any disagreements. Each party in a collaborative divorce can still receive the support of having a lawyer on his or her side. Child specialists, financial advisors and other professionals can also attend these proceedings.

How does a collaborative divorce work?

A collaborative divorce typically consists of a series of meetings that all take place during agreed-upon dates and times. Each of these meetings takes place in a structured environment and follows a set agenda. Follow-ups take place after these meetings, allowing everyone to reflect on the decisions that were made.

If two parties involved in a collaborative divorce can’t reach an agreement, attorneys and other professionals will have to withdraw themselves from the proceedings. At this point, both parties must then hire lawyers and resolve their disagreements in a court of law.

It’s beneficial to have a lawyer on your side during a collaborative divorce. It’s important to remember that the other party involved in this proceeding either has, or will have, a lawyer in his or her corner. By hiring an attorney, you can finalize your collaborative divorce as soon as possible.

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