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Month: March 2020

Should I fight to keep the family home after divorce?

Divorce is more than just an emotional process. It’s also a financial transaction. This means that you need to be careful with how you negotiate or litigate your marriage dissolution to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome, setting yourself on a strong...

Dealing with alimony as an important issue in your divorce case

When couples in Maryland get divorced, there will be a wide variety of issues to address in the legal case. These issues can include property division, child support and child custody, among others, but perhaps no other issue can foster more resentment between the...

Dealing with a toxic divorce

Most divorces in Maryland involve a significant amount of emotional pain and stress. Even childless couples who arrive at the decision to end their marriage with little or no disagreement can experience depression, anger, resentment and other emotions that make the...

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