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Does alimony still serve a purpose?

If you are the so-called "moneyed spouse" who is about to pay a great deal of money each month in alimony to your ex-spouse, you may be of the opinion that alimony is an antiquated concept that should be relegated to the history books. While, in some contexts, you may have a point -- this is a highly debated topic in the age of family law reform and feminism.

There are several important reasons why alimony still exists:

Alimony provides a road to freedom for spouses in a bad situation

In the past, when women had no property rights, leaving a husband equated to financial suicide -- and the wife might even lose her children. For this reason, women throughout history have had to deal with difficult and abusive relationship circumstances because they were dependent on their husbands for financial support.

In the modern context, economic dependence could still be a reason for a husband or wife to remain with a moneyed spouse in spite of it being a toxic relationship scenario. This fact of life alone is reason enough for alimony to continue. While the continued existence of "permanent alimony" is heavily debated, at least some form of temporary alimony appears like it will be here to stay.

Stand up for your financial rights

Whether you're going to be the payer of alimony or the recipient, it's important to stand up for your economic rights when the question of alimony is a point of dispute. A family law attorney or divorce attorney can assist you with this.

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