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March 2018 Archives

Child support enforcement is a priority

Unpaid child support can be a major social and economic concern for federal and state government agencies in Maryland charged with the enforcement of child support orders. When parents fail to pay their mandated child support, the costs for essential needs for the children can be transferred to society as a whole, or in many cases, parents and children can suffer due to an inability to pay for important daily expenses like medical and dental care, extracurricular needs and educational costs. In order to cut down on the personal and society-wide costs of unpaid child support, enforcing existing orders is a priority across the country.

Britney's ex wants more money

Maryland residents interested in celebrity gossip and child custody issues may be interested in following the latest new from Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. The pair appear headed back to court over money after Spears experienced a career resurgence. The pop star and her former backup dancer have been divorced for years but have two children together.

Divorce and splitting retirement funds

Maryland residents who go through a divorce and have to divide their retirement funds can avoid having to pay high taxes and penalties by not making certain mistakes. They should be aware that the different kinds of retirement accounts are governed by their own set of rules, particularly with regard to the division of the funds.

Pre-planning for divorce can be a smart move

Maryland couples may consider it cynical to plan for the end of a marriage before it starts, but doing so could save a great deal of acrimony and legal fees if the relationship fails to last forever. Even for marriages that do last, pre-marital planning for financial futures is prudent. A few simple steps on the front end can eliminate future financial hurdles.

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