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Getting custody of a sibling

There may be circumstances in Maryland in which someone needs to get custody of a sibling. This may be necessary because the parents are unfit or deceased. In the former situation, the fight may be emotionally difficult. Furthermore, it will be necessary to prove that the parents are putting the child in danger. Courts are generally reluctant to separate a child from the biological parents. A person will also have to demonstrate an ability to support the child and offer stability.

When another parent abuses drugs or alcohol

Maryland parents who are divorced might wonder what they can do to ensure that their child is safe if the other parent is abusing alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs. A judge who has jurisdiction over child custody and who receives a report from one parent about such behavior might begin by investigating those allegations.

When a change in child custody is necessary

Maryland parents who are not living together might need to modify a child custody agreement. While a court is reluctant to allow a child custody modification without good reason, there are several cases in which it is in the child's best interest to do so. For example, if the child is in danger, the court will act to protect the child. However, the court will still consider the situation first, and this will include weighing whether there has been domestic violence in the home, how willing the child is to remain in the home and how much immediate danger the child is in.

Focusing on children's well-being during a divorce

When Maryland parents are considering a divorce, they might also wonder what they can do make the process less difficult for their children. They might be able to work together to help their children adjust. This would begin with choosing the right time to file for divorce. One reason that March may be the most popular month for divorce filings is that its long stretch of school days means that parents can take care of divorce-related meetings while their children are in class. However, parents who do not want their children to have to cope with the adjustment during the school year may opt for summer when they might be able to spend more time with them.

Domestic violence may not prevent custody rights

If a parent in Maryland or elsewhere has committed an act of domestic violence, he or she may still get custody or visitation rights. This could be true whether the parent abused an adult living with the child or another minor living with the child. When crafting a visitation order, the best interests of the child and the adult abuse victim will be a top priority.

Loss for Robin Thicke in custody battle

Maryland fans of singer Robin Thicke may know that he has been in a custody battle with his 6-year-old son's mother, Paula Patton. On Jan. 26, his request for temporary sole custody was denied, and furthermore, a restraining order was served against him. He is not permitted to go near Patton, his son or Patton's mother.

Children tend to fare better in co-parenting situations

Protecting children from the potentially devastating emotional consequences of their parents' divorce is one of the main objectives of Maryland family court judges when they are called upon to make child custody decisions. Judges tend to favor co-parenting solutions due to the body of research indicating that children are more likely to thrive in these situations, and they also understand that divorced parents are generally able to see beyond their differences when the future of their children is in the balance.

Renegotiating parenting agreements after a move

After a divorce, some Maryland parents may initially be committed to living near each other for the sake of the children. However, if one parent starts a relationship with someone who lives further away, that could change. A parent might move in order to live closer to a new partner, and this could disrupt the visitation schedule. The parent might first underestimate how much of a commute is involved. The other parent may want to keep the child closer to home. Tensions can be exacerbated further if the new partner does not get along with the other parent.

Hollywood stars release contradictory child custody statements

Maryland residents are probably aware that Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have announced that they are divorcing. Both Pitt and Jolie have so far chosen to settle their differences quietly and behind closed doors. However, the A-list couple has recently released contradictory statements about the custody and visitation arrangements for their six children.