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January 2017 Archives

Children tend to fare better in co-parenting situations

Protecting children from the potentially devastating emotional consequences of their parents' divorce is one of the main objectives of Maryland family court judges when they are called upon to make child custody decisions. Judges tend to favor co-parenting solutions due to the body of research indicating that children are more likely to thrive in these situations, and they also understand that divorced parents are generally able to see beyond their differences when the future of their children is in the balance.

Property division complexities during a divorce

Maryland couples who are facing divorce might be heading into the process with differing degrees of financial knowledge and power. Keeping this in mind might make property division more equitable. For example, spouses with more earning power may be able to more easily replenish their retirement accounts while lower earners might struggle to do so. Therefore, splitting the retirement accounts equally in half may not be the best approach.