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It may seem difficult to believe right now, but your divorce is a legal matter — not a defining moment of your life. Perhaps it is best to remember that as your married life ends, your future lies before you. How you get through these next few months will depend largely on how your lawyer sees you as a person, rather than a legal case.

Your divorce doesn't define you. I will help you stay focused on how you see your future after the dust settles on your divorce judgment.

I am Maryland family law attorney Greg Abney. From offices in Rockville, I represent clients in family law courts in Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Prince George's County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County and Washington County, Maryland. Call my office at 301-850-4972 or contact me by email to arrange a free in-office consultation with an experienced Rockville divorce lawyer right away.

After graduating from law school, I began my legal career as an associate attorney for a law firm with multiple lawyers and staff members. It was a great start at a great law firm. But it didn't take long to realize that the only way I could make a difference is to work one on one with people I care about. I left after a brief period and opened my solo practice — Abney at Law, P.C.

Focused On Meeting Your Future Needs

I come to work at 8 a.m. every morning with a single objective: to help you find an efficient and cost-effective resolution, so you can move ahead with your life. I leave my office at 5 p.m. every afternoon, feeling confident that I have made a positive difference in people's lives. Just as I work hard to separate my law practice from my family life, I promise to help you keep your divorce in proper perspective as well. When we sit down to discuss your legal needs, I will remind you that the end of your marriage doesn't define who you are. Your settlement should be a springboard for helping you become who you want to be.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to an effective divorce settlement. I focus on helping people through family law issues one person at a time. I am ready to help you meet — and overcome — challenging family law issues such as:

  • Divorce: I am a skilled and experienced negotiator and litigator who helps my clients resolve complex disputes. I keep my hourly rates affordable and accept a reasonable flat fee for uncontested divorces. I can also help you see the value of a legal separation agreement, prior to divorce, if you will benefit from a formal arrangement.
  • Child custody: Throughout the divorce settlement or trial process, I will make sure your child's best interests remain first and foremost. I also handle post-divorce arrangements and paternity matters for unmarried parents involved in disputes over child support and parenting rights.
  • Property division, separate and marital property: Maryland is an equitable distribution state. That does not mean that all property and marital debt are split 50/50 down the middle. I work with professionals to determine proper valuation and equitable distribution that will protect your rights and long-term financial interests.

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Discover the difference an experienced lawyer can make. Call me at 301-850-4972 or use the convenient email form to arrange a free consultation in my office. My firm is located directly next to the Rockville Metro Station, just one block from the Circuit Courthouse. My office hours for consultations are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

I do everything I can to keep my office overhead low, so I can pass lower attorneys' fees on to my clients. I accept Visa and MasterCard for your convenience.